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I don’t think I could ever understand this logic
Put me away in a cell
Lock it
Pile up furniture
Block it
And keep me away from you cuz i lost it
Clearly I’m incapable of love
Said the one I just cleaned the tub
No hands no knees
I’m losing my sanity

I really have no words to describe how bad I want to smoke right now….but that’s all I care about you know? I’m a selfish bastardwho only looks out for himself right. Well….that’s how I feel right now. So sue me for being honest. This is why its hard to give any fucks. I can understand why its so easy for a man to become a fucking coward. Fuck this. I’m over shit. I wish. But dreams only come true in fantasy land. The only thing I see Is struggle. And it feels like trouble. 2 seconds ago you said how much you cared now middle fingers in the air?!?!
I just don’t know. I’m happy when I’m not controlled. And fuck all I want is to do one thing…one thing. That’s all.

Funny how old writing become real sometimes…

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